Welcome to the BLDSA Postal Swim - 2019

Fellow swimmers,

Apologies for not updating this website sooner, on behalf of the British Long Distance Swimming Association (BLDSA) may I invite you and, if you are a member of a swimming club, your fellow members to take part in our annual One Hour Postal Swim.

For those who have not taken part in  the Postal Swim before, the aim is to swim as far as you can, in your own pool, in one hour. Every entrant receives a cloth badge as a souvenir of the event with medals are awarded as detailed below. There is also a team competition which is run in parallel with the individual event for which medals are awarded to the first three teams in each age group.

With a closing date of 1st March, the swims can take place anytime from the begining of January to the end of February in a swimming pool that is at least 25 yards long.

We welcome participation by everyone, whether or not you are a member of a club, young or old, male or female, this is what the swim is all about. We all like to set ourselves goals and see how we compare with other like minded people. You do NOT have to swim for an hour, just as far as you can. This is your chance to pit yourself against your personal best distance swum in an hour or set yourself a target to go for next year. We also take great pleasure in welcoming disabled swimmers to participate in the event. Disabled swimmers are divided into one of the following three categories to define the degree of their disability:

  1. Ambulant: Those with a predominantly physical disability.
  2. Wheelchair: Those who spend most of their time in a wheelchair.
  3. Non-physical: Those with a non-physical disability. (i.e. mental/sensory disability)

Club coaches should decide the relevant category for each disabled swimmer. To indicate the category of their disability would each disabled swimmer please put a H behind their name along with the number relevant to their clasificatiopn eg H1, H2 or H3.

Medals for ALL individual events will be awarded as follows:

Up to 5 competitors: Gold Medal

Between 6 and 10 competitors: Gold and silver Medals

Over 10 competitors: Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

I welcome your participation in this years event and I hope that all competitors will have an enjoyable, successful swim.

Good Luck

Mandy Reid

Hon.Postal Swim Secretary


Postal Swim 2019

Individual Entries 4.00, Team Entries 4.00 and Report Booklets 3.00.

If you have any queries please contact the Postal Swim Secretry - Mandy Reid on +44 (0)7768 068415